The two-woman team of Janene & Teisha, both are about travel, one whips you into shape through dance, and the other coordinates and works behind the scenes, but collectively they are both about fitness and fun in the sun!

Janene is the Owner and founder of, and co-founder of Island Fitness Retreats.  She blogs regarding her personal travel, tips, music, lifestyle, arts and culture etc. for the CaribbeanColombiaand Toronto.  Teisha Smith-Guthrie is the Owner and Founder of Fitness-Barre.comand co-founder of Island Fitness Retreats, is a certified pilates instructor and professional dancer with a Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree - Dance Major in Toronto, who blogs about dance fitness and remotely from the island of Barbados.

As you can see, they are quite the characters, which is why their personalized retreats are oodles of fun! They are personable, kind, helpful, possess great sense of humour, enjoy helping women attain their vacation and fitness goals, and LOVE what they do!

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