STC-Fitness Experience.jpg Fitness Experience is a great way to get and keep fit with Fitness-Barre. The music used is so infectious you forget you are even working out. You are 100% guaranteed to see amazing results from burning tons of calories through interval training. Energize your body, tone up, learn new dance styles and best of all lets HAVE LOADS OF FUN!!!


dance fitness yoga & pilates

dance fitness with Teisha


Fitness Barre offers fun, energizing dance fitness workouts for all levels. Xpress yourself the way you want to move while burning fat and sculpt your body with a workout that won't feel like a workout! We have the perfect set of dance fitness classes that will get you grooving and sweating in no time! Come join in on the fun!

pilates & yoga

Get in touch with your body, mind & soul. Allow your mind to focus and be in sync with the body through breath which can be very meditating especially if you have had a hard day’s work. Pilates helps condition and strengthen your body if you have any injuries, ailments, chronic pain and assists in preventing sports related injuries because of its healing and long-term techniques and strengthens your core to help you stabilize your lower back. Through repetitive movements you will be toning the body inside and out while creating flexible, long lean lines making you feel more mobile, taller and lighter. Best of all Pilates makes you aware of your own body, lets you see what you are capable of, shows you where there is need for improvement and stimulates the question of why and how of your body moves the way it does.