Host YOUR Retreat

Hosting your own Island Fitness Retreat is a perfect option for individuals whose schedules don't coincide with the already scheduled retreats of  The best part about hosting your own retreat is that we will take care of every aspect from payments to logistics.  

Because no destination is off limits, your imagination and retreat goals can be exactly what you desire.  The Caribbean, Latin America, combined with exotic International locations, has an array of fabulous beaches, exquisite cuisines, rich histories & dynamic cultures, and a plethora of amazing people.  A retreat filled with whatever YOU desire.

All you'll need to provide are the following: 

  1. Guests - a minimum of 10 adults
  2. Dates
  3. Destination(s) of choice
  4. Budget
  5. What are your retreat goals
  6. Standard deposit of $300 - $500 per person
  7. NOTE: Private in-house instructor on the retreat at an extra cost.

We are women who are passionate and take immeasurable pride in the loyalty we have built with our SheTravelnistas. And in such, we ensure our guests are 100% satisfied way above and beyond their expectations.

Should you like to move forward, you can contact both Janene & Teisha at

Ladies, we do so look forward to working with and meeting you on future IFRs.


Janene & Teisha &
Founders of Island Fitness Retreats