A Day With A Local: Colombian Artesana Las Otilias de Rosa Maria

Rosa is an incredible woman. I was privy to spend a day with her and her family.  I was so humbled by the experience.

A healthy, nutritious and delicious meal

She opened up her home to us, and we ate together.  She showed us how she creates her art pieces. We even had the opportunity to get our hands in there to 'create' as well.  I would absolutely do this again.  Of my time in Colombia, the time spent with Rosa and her family, and all we experienced , was by far icing on the cake!!

Such an experience truly forces you to evaluate yourself.  Surely no one is better than the other, but we are so blessed with what may assume is a lot, truly has no idea until is spent with another who appears to have less than you; but in reality, they are far more happier than those of us who are running around trying to do it all, like the super heroes we pretend to be.