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Greetings & Salutations to our travel diary a.k.a. blog. We are Caribbean ladies and we love to share those experiences and our favourite South American destination, Colombia. More than a fete and carnival, we enjoy lifestyle, arts, culture, music, fitness, and of course FOOD! We invite you to partake with us as we share and hope you'll do the same by sharing your comments and sharing the posts with others! Thanks for stopping by and reading :)

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when your friend is a dj and fabulous!

Dj Revz is an amazing Toronto based dj from Barbados. She's the one on the left with the tiny waist and big BGI attitude! 


health & wellness, fitness

Health & wellness is a very important part of our lifestyle. Teisha, the fitness coordinator of STC, is a professional dance, pilates, and fitness instructor.

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all about sun & sand

What's more fun than toes in the sand, hot sun, ice cold drink in hand, friends, family, good times, in beautiful tropical destinations?