Bucket List Desire - Mo'orea Island

There are those destinations which simply beckons you to visit and seclude yourself on their beautiful shores.  Last night a friend said to me, "give me a name of a place you would truly love to visit and it can't be in the Caribbean or Europe."  So, I said, "I've always wanted to visit the French Polynesian Islands." To which he said, "let's make it happen!"

Source -  Google

Source - Google

The island is roughly shaped like a heart from overhead; and in the theme of love and romance, Moorea is one of the top honeymoon destinations in Tahiti—second only to Bora Bora.
— Tahiti.com

I'm all for this place.  What an ideal place for those exquisite girlfriend getaways and of course, honeymoons. Have you ever been, if you have, we'd love to hear about your time on the Island of Mo'orea.

Twenty mInutes on a ferry from Papeete, Morgan finds the beautiful Island of Moorea... When most of us think of Tahiti, we think of Bora Bora, but Moorea is definetly a "must do"! Make sure you leave plenty of time to discover this island, you'll never forget it.