Caribbean Culture - Caribbean Carnivals

No doubt you've heard tales of Carnival in the Caribbean.  And whether it's your coworker who only takes vacation at that particular time of year so she can jump up and wave in a band in TnT for the annual Carnival, or revellers who wuk up in Barbados for the annual summer festival of Cropover, or those who love the jab-jab of Grenada, or the awesomeness of St. Lucia's Carnival, a carnival is a time of freeness.  

Both men and women seem to become more keen on image and putting forth the best body they can, by devoting countless hours an entire year ahead just for the sake of dawning a rather expensive hand decorated string bikini, and I use the word string loosely.  Savings are kept, vacation times are saved up and scheduled a year in advance.

"I'm giving my boss ample notice, because I not missing next year. "

Just one of the many things I've heard friends and family say as they prepare for the revelry.  I will also tell you  that NO ONE can experience a Carnival without participating.  It's one thing being a spectator, but that wanting desire of jumping up in a costume with a band begins to set in and soon you're plotting the upcoming years Carnival and how you can be a part of it all.

Carnival is best with a group of femmes.  Sure you can jump up alone, and grant it you will meet others on the road, but there is nothing like playing mas with  a group of your own friends.  Helping eachother get dressed, advising on what looks good or not, and being eachothers eyes, ears, and self appointed photograph.

For more information of how you can jump up in Barbados 2015, Trinidad and Tobago 2016, you're invited to fill out the contact form below and let us know.  We'd love to see you on the road and share your awesome Carnival experience.

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