TOP Caribbean Activities

In my personal opinion, the Caribbean is a smorgasbord of activities, and while no two destinations are alike, Caribbean destinations do have more similarities than differences.  Yes, great weather/sunshine, outstanding cuisine, culture, history that spans the world, a variety of accommodations, countless festivals and events, nature, spas, and many more options that will undoubtedly spark your interest. 

A traveller will and can do the same activities on any island, but much like associating Bob Marley to reggae music, so can you associate specific Caribbean destinations to specific activities, almost making said destination a 'specialist' if you will in that specific activity. 

Here are my personal 5 TOP Caribbean Attractions/Activities you can experience: 

  1. Golfing in Barbados. There are other Caribbean destinations with featured layouts, but Barbados offers even more superb greens, and more greens per capital, led by the Tom Fazio-designed Green Monkey. 
  2. History in. Nevis. Discover the house where Alexander Hamilton was born.  
  3. Dining in St. Martin.  There are more than 40 eateries line the main beachfront drag, from humble lolos  (shacks serving cheap creole food), all the way to Michelin-worthy. 
  4. Shopping in St. Thomas. St. Maarten's Phi;ipsburg, and Curacao's Willemstad are known for duty-free shopping, Charlotte Amalie in St. Thomas is like an elegant bazaar. Name brand divas will love St. Thomas and they will find brand-name luxury boutiques tucked away in its charming  historic arcades. 
  5. Sailing in the Virgin Islands.  In the BVI you'll find dozens of popular anchorages all along the Sir Francis Drake Channel. 

What's your favourite activity experienced on any of the following destinations outlined?  We welcome you to share your travel experience with us below.  


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