She Travels: Five Myths and Truths About The Caribbean

Wild animals are everywhere? - Uhhh, not really, they stay in their spaces (sometimes).

Wild animals are everywhere? - Uhhh, not really, they stay in their spaces (sometimes).

  1. Myth:  Visiting the Caribbean is really expensive.
    Truth:  Unless you're visiting during HIGH SEASON, yes, expect to pay a kings ransom, but visiting in low or off season you're good to go. You just have to know is here to get you there!
  2. Myth:  The Caribbean is not safe, especially for women.
    Truth:  In general, Caribbean cities are safer than most North American cities, but let's be truthful, it's not perfect, but it's not hell on earth either. The most common hazard, especially for tourists, is falling prey to scams and individuals who will attempt to take advantage of a visitor who does not know and or understand the way things work.
  3. Truth:  Dresscode - no camouflage clothing.
    SIDENOTE:  You're not in the army, don't pretend you're in it.  Be advised if you do travel to Trinidad & Tobago, Barbados, and camo wear is found in your bags during your customs check, they will be confiscated.  Use good judgement when dressing, PLEASE! Wearing swimwear out on the streets outside of a pool and or beach is not custom.
  4. Myth:  Caribbean food is very spicy.
    TRUTH:  Contrary to popular belief, West Indian food is not all about numbing the taste-buds senseless.  The food is absolutely 100% tasty and delicious!  Vegetarians/vegans you're not missed, with the abundance of vegetables, fruits, farm fresh, straight off the tree, out of the earth, you're covered as well.
  5. Myth:  There are only black people.
    Truth:  YES, the main ethnicity is black, but there are many other ethnicities that make up the West Indies.  You'll find many Europeans, East Indians, Asians, Africans, and then some, all make up the melting pot that is the West Indies.

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