53 Yogis Met at The North Pier in Kincardine Ontario

The meeting spot

The meeting spot

On this particular morning 53 yogis met on the North Pier for a sunrise yoga class, which was sponsored by local businesses such as Penetangear, Shakti Rhythm Yoga, and breakfast provided by Bean's Bistro. 

With the weather being what it's been this August, and yoga held on Lake Huron, it was of course a chilly start, but what began with a chilly start, and the sun peeping through amist the gloomy cloudy skies, ended with an even chillier ending. Making it all good!

If you you're in Kincardine August 19, you are invited to register by calling Derrick at 1-519-396-7791. The event is FREE, but all they ask is that you make a donation, whereby 100% of the proceeds are given to the local hospital. 


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