Pic of the Day: Gourmet Flying Fish by Chef Michael Harris

What can I say about an extraordinary dinner I was privy to be a part of compliments of Ocean 2 Resort and Residences, other than it was PHENOMENAL! 

And while details glorify any experience, this was truly a 'you had to be there' experience. 

Everything from the penthouse, to the simple decor, Chef Michael Harris and his staff, to the ocean views from the 5th floor suite, to the dynamic cuisine and company, all conspired to making this a completely amazing evening.


Meal: Pan fried flying fish, warm kale & citrus salad, roasted beets, semi confit cherry tomatoes, pistachio dust.

This pic does not give this meal any justice, but maybe YOU to can have yourself a private dinner for you and your friends and family upon your next visit to Barbados to round out your divine getaway.  

Every Sunday we'll be sharing a delicious pic of a meal.

Contact us to and we can arrange an amazing dining experience for you and your group.

Happy Travels, and remember, don't be afraid to try new experiences.


Chef and Moi !  

Chef and Moi !