Pic of The Day: Bake and Shark


There is an uproar over eating shark, but from West Indians, when we eat shark, we eat it all. Unlike other cultures we don't kill the shark for the fin, oh no, we intend to cook up that shark in a variety of ways.  

Shark is a fleshy fish, and very tasty especially once paired with with curry and or in between two soft pieces of fry bake. OMG, writing this and my mouth is tingling. 

When next you are In Trinidad and you venture to Maracas, drop in on the bake & shark hotspot called. RICHARD'S BAKE & SHARK, and watch them make your tasty treat, then be sure to dress it to your tastes. I'm a simple gal, I like pineapple, garlic sauce cilantro, and mango chutney.