Beach Fence Necessity or Cash Grab

Copyright - Guava Network 2019 - Wasaga Beach, ON

Copyright - Guava Network 2019 - Wasaga Beach, ON

A beach fence? Beach fence let that sink in for a moment. I cannot imagine why a person will need a beach fence on the beach. The only reason I can see an individual using this product called a beach fence is perhaps if you are going to the beach with a baby, a toddler who's just learning to crawl that is about the only reason I would see a person needing a beach fence. Or perhaps if you are a nudist and you're on a public beach and you still want to expose yourself to the elements then maybe I could see a beach fence coming into play.


Will you ever use a beach, fence have you ever used to beach fence? if you have we'll love to see a photo of your Beach fence.

Is it a beach necessity or just another summer cash grab?

Email your beach fence to

P.s. if you’re in the market for a beach fence, and are in Wasaga Beach, Ontario, you can pick up your fence at Pedro’s Gift Shop - Address: 55 Mosley St, Wasaga Beach, ON L9Z 2Y7 - (705) 429 - 2743