Golfing Gals at The Top Caribbean Golf Courses Caribbeanstylee

Wsup ladies!  As I sat thinking about what to write my mind ran on the weekend my beau and I played golf at home. Now, you should know that I am NO sporty lady. I have never played any type of sports, professional or otherwise. I loathe sweating and over exhorting myself.  Now, as I'm the mother to an active 10 year old, there are those times when I have to get out there and toss a football, or run up and down playing with my son.  Other than that, any type of laidback activity where I can maintain style and grace is perfect for me, lol. For e.g. bowling, golf, I'd even toss in swimming, as I look great in a swimwear, lol, jenga,  you get the point. 

Anyhoo, as I mentioned, a few weekends ago Gordon and I had a round of golf at home. I have to say, hitting that ball is a lot harder than it looks. I lost count as to how many swings I made before actually hitting the ball; but once I got the hang of it and hearing Gordon repeatedly saying, "keep your eye on the ball hun", things began to flow.  Well, flow in my eyes, no matter how I looked.

At home about to Tee-Off!

At home about to Tee-Off!

 The reason for this post was not to showcase my obvious untalented golf strokes, but to highlight some of the Caribbean's Top Golf Courses. If you're reading this and have tee'd off at any, I'd love to have your feedback as to your experience.  Having said that here goes with some of the Caribbean's Top Golf Courses:

*Of the following courses, the most prestigious club in the Caribbean is the Country Club at Sandy Lane, Barbados. Golfers can play the Old Nine, with its small greens and narrow fairways, or one of two Tom Fazio-designed courses--the modern-style Country Club Course or the spectacular Green Monkey, which is reserved for hotel guests and club members.


As evolves and reaches more ladies, we will be offering many more retreat options in way of sporting retreats with golf being an option. Professional or not, we strive to offer our SheTravelnistas many more fun, retreats. We'd love to see you there.

Sidenote: are there really cute women's clothing to golf in? I mean Serena kills it on the tennis courts with her ensembles.