Culture Rocks LESS Culture Shocks

We believe that once you become used to a certain way of living your life, that at times when you travel to other destinations their way of life may be a jolt to your senses. Things seen, smells, and just the general attitudes as seen in the day-to-day etc., are all engaged alerting your system to 'this is not what I expected' and, 'can I go home now'?  

Working clay oven in Colombia

Working clay oven in Colombia

But, it is our strong personal belief that cultural travel is the best enjoyed in an interactive way to learn about a destination. To be able to experience a sampling of the past while still enjoying the traditions that are held so dear yet observed in the present.

Our IFR gives you a culturally enriching experience by allowing you to experience just enough of a culture that your outlook and views will be changed. Firsthand culture ROCK...not shock ☺. 

Here are a few simple how-to's as to how we minimize culture shock when we travel:

  • Research the destination. (Educate yourself about your home for the next little while.  get to know lifestyle, style of dressing, food etc.) There's nothing worse than you screwing up your face at the sights, sounds, and smells of a destination.  IT'S RUDE!
  • Don't be quick to judge. (You're not in Kansas anymore, you knew that on the plane ride over. You've researched, so you have some idea what to expect.)
  • Keep an open mind. (Things are different, yes, we know, if they use motorbikes as taxis, let them, get on and enjoy the ride.)  

When you travel how do you connect with that destination what inspires you on your travels?