Fantasy Island and Visitor Expectation

What do you as a visitor to a destination consider locals attitudes as not friendly? I recently read a review of a woman's visit to St. Kitts & Nevis, and she mentioned, "......and the people are not too friendly".

Now, as a West Indian and a human being I have to wonder what is considered not friendly. I understand that we who live abroad, even though we are from the islands as well, have become accustomed to certain things, and while kindness respect, and human decency SHOULD be commonplace and  held in the highest regards, let's  face it, visitors expect what I refer to as the Fantasy Island expectation. This is where locals are expected to be constantly happy, fake smiling just kissing ass,  bowing yes Sir, absolutely Ma'am, right  away Mistress attitude all the time. But truth be told, as you are aware, you are on vacation, locals live their everyday lives in the same place you pay to visit and live like King & Queen. Many times they can't afford to luxuriate at the same resorts you spend a small fortune to kick back for a week, so if you expect a royal treatment day in and day out, even though you are paying for it, you may be disappointed.

As a Trinbagonian (citizen of Trinidad & Tobago), when I return home for a visit, I will admit that I do struggle with locals attitudes and the way things are done, but, I quickly remember that local customs, accents and way of life, there are times when the way locals do things, and how they speak can be taken as rude and with an attitude of 'well they don't give a hoot'.

I have witnessed the often "entitled" attitudes of foreigners while they are on vacation, and I wonder how much does it cost for a human being to treat another with kindness and respect. It costs absolutely nothing, kindness is FREE

But always remember, different customs and way of life. YOU, are the visitor, do maintain a positive attitude, don't get involved in shouting matches which can escalate quicker than gas poured on a fire, and treat people with kindness and respect, and by all means have fun.