Say What Food From a Gas Station?

Copyright | Guava Network Inc. 2019

Copyright | Guava Network Inc. 2019

Never have I said, “let’s go buy food from the gas station". But when I was presented with the simple eco-friendly box, I said, “ya joking, food from a gas station”!

The Esso gas station in Paynes Bay, take a win with this breakfast box!


But, lo and behold To my surprise, it was absolutely delicious! The waffles were soft and fluffy, the chicken strips beautifully seasoned and cooked. enough of a crunch on the outside and hello divine softness on the inside, and I cannot forget the plantains. I mean, I would have to be absolutely insane to not mention the star of the show!


The plantains, the plantains were soft as the natural sugars escaped and made them super plantains! Lawd, delicious!!!

Big up the person who came up with fried plantains!