The seriousness of claiming sand real estate

This is not a joke! The early bird catches the worm, well, the early beachgoer has his/her pic.k of the best spot!

Early mornings at beach 2

Early mornings at beach 2

Sand real estate is of the utmost importance when you are vacationing at Wasaga Beach, and as a beachgoer you MUST get an early start in claiming that all to important PERFECT spot on the beach.

Vacationing is not as cut and dry as it may appear. This part of the beach is just beautiful. There are lovely shaded areas with picnic tables, lots of sand, then there's the boardwalk and then the beach.

And these beachgoers know that they have to get here early enough to set up their spot for the day. I'm actually envious now🙂.

There are umpteen coolers to rival a cooler fete, lots. Of food & drinks and happy people everywhere.

Long weekends are fantastic!