Trinidad Carnival is 14 Fetes in 10 Days

"14 Fetes in 10 days, woman are  you high"? I'm not high, but this is what a friend did during his 10 days for Carnival. Of course he has some klout, as he is associated with some of the local artists and he basically feting for free, (the lucky so-and-so). Meanwhile,  you have to shell out approximately $80 - $200 USD, per person to ramajay at a prime all-inclusive fete. And as you can imagine, that adds up quickly. So can feting  be costly? Hell yes it can be AS costly as that flight, accommodations for the entire stay and of course, that smoking hot costume.

Truthfully, that's what Trinis will classify as" normal". Because at Carnival time a fete is one of the key elements of the season. Artists work hard prior perfecting and making their music for the upcoming Carnival season and it is all released at extreme outdoor events, where you get much for the money spent.  

So if you are joining us in T&T for Carnival 2018, start saving those pennies, now! 

Sidenote: we will provide you with a draft breakdown of what you, H. E. Pennypacker can expect to spend for #carnival2018. (Try not to be so shocked that you ultimately pass out) 😊