Restaurant Review: Indian Flames

Alliston's first Indian Restaurant is well lit with comfy seating all around. It's like dining at home with an open concept design. The dining area opens to the kitchen where you have a somewhat good view of the chefs cooking dishes from scratch. 

What I liked most about Indian Flames is the quiet atmosphere with the piping music, and the sounds of the kitchen, not to mention the cuisine. Even the one waiter who glided with ease as he mingled with the patrons and called people by their name. He. She me feel as though I'd walked through the doors of Cheers, where everybody knows my name. 

Cool down the heat with a yummy mango lassi, your mouth will thank you for it.  

Mango Lassi WILL help cool down those inflamed mouths and tongues.

Mango Lassi WILL help cool down those inflamed mouths and tongues.

Ever thought about taking a cooking class? Well, here's your chance to learn the ways of India and how they create those delectably divine naan breads and yummy dishes.

Some good stuff  JUST so you know:

  • Wheelchair accessible
  • Kids menu
  • Affordable prices
  • Take-out, and delivery

My only recommendation will be WHEN ASKED HOW SPICY SAY "NOT SPICY." Because unless you can handle HEAT, don't even say mild or be bold and say, "I can handle it", I guarantee you, East Indian and West Indian levels of heat varies 



Indian Flames


33 Paris Street, New Tecumseth, On

Hours of operation : 11:30AM - 9PM