Mary Jane was The IT Summer Beach Accessory For 2019

Summertime is one big cash grab as new products are created with an ideal customer in mind. Every summer there is a new ‘it product’’. I strongly believe that the floaty is here to stay.


However, as the suns heat increases one would think that with the sheer volume of tents, and gazebos which lined the shores of Wasaga Beach that those were the ‘it product’. But, what if tents, floaties, and beach fences (yes, BEACH FENCES), were not the ‘IT PRODUCTS”, but a more intoxicating green herb, namely ganja,, kush, weed, Mary Jane was the “IT PRODUCT”. It seemed everyone had a joint. From the young to the older-young had a natural mystic. and the many, many, many beach patrols were keeping things in check.

Be aware, you will get a ticket

Was Mary Jane a part of your summer or lifestyle?