The Art of Thai a Local Experience

Authentic Pad Thai

Authentic Pad Thai

When your friends ask you, "what did you do on Saturday June 17", you can tell of the awesome cooking experience you participated, where you learned the delicate art of Thai cooking.

You can retell of the yoga class in the country as you struck your warrior pose amongst trees and the sounds of nature.

One Saturday in June where you learned of ingredients and the benefits to you.  

One Saturday and Sunday where you learned which wines to pair with Thai food from award-winning sommelier, Sylvia Taylor.

One Saturday and Sunday where you mastered enjoyed an Art of Thai experience.

Opened to anyone who wants to enjoy a lovely laidback Saturday and Sunday  morning beginning with yoga, socializing and cooking. (Maybe Thai massage, if there's time). 

June 17 - 18, 2017, check HERE for all details. 

We look forward to hosting you at Farm Essa.