Travel Tip: You Too Can Have a Stress-free Passport Renewal Process

Are you the traveller who renews their passport before it expires, or are you the one who forgets the upcoming expiration and rushes to get it done just prior to travelling?

Getting a passport isn't complicated, but, BUT, if the truth needs to be told, those lines and the length of waiting can be long enough to drive anyone insane. 

This particular passport office in Brampton, is always packed....and why? Well, because it is the ONLY one in Brampton, located at Highway 10 & Bovaird. I once lost my mind and visited after the lunch hour...and did a complete upturn and walked out, because I just did not feel to spend 2 years wating. 

How can you have a seamless, process, well I've learned that preparation is key.  

  1. Arrive early, line up if it ensures that you are of the first 10 patrons in line
  2. Have all forms filled out  
  3. Have all required documents and regulated pics
  4.  Smile, breathe and go forth and prosper!  

If you are bold enough to go on a Wednesday and Friday after 1PM.....well, I'd just say, walk with a comfy cot and relax, you'll get it done.