One Of The Best Things About Trinidad and Tobago's Carnival


Besides all of the glitter, feathers, sea of bodies, loud music, non-stop fêtes and all of the grandiose socializations, the one thing I LOVE most about T&T's Carnival is its ability to bring many people from far and wide together to enjoy the festivities. 

Straight men and lesbians may say it's the constant stream of female bodies dressed in barely there costumes.  

Gay men may say it's the handsome men everywhere. 

Some may say it's the ability to lose oneself in a culture escape. Whatever the reasons are, they vary and are many.  

But,  throughout my years of enjoying the revellery,  I've met many visitors from as far away as Goa, Switzerland, Japan, Russia, Israel, throughout the USA, Canada, The Caribbean and the rest of the world.  And that is a great thing. Where no matter where you're from, who you are you are welcomed. 




It's Carnival Monday masqueraders, WELCOME to the land of Oil & MUSIC, safely enjoy yourselves!