“You Take Too Many Pics”

Is there such a thing as taking too many pictures? Because if there is then colour me GUILTY! I’m in the possession of a great camera and little gadgets, lots of pic apps etc., why would I not always have a camera to capture said moments?

Copyright | Guava Network 2019 -

Copyright | Guava Network 2019 -

Everyday we leave our homes, even in our homes, there is a moment, an object, a person standing gazing out the window, in deep thought to capture. I believe that a camera, and smartphone are those things you must always have packed and ready to go.

A few days ago Google Photos told me I had over 50,000 pictures from Saturday January 7, 2006. I call a flag on that particular play because guaranteed, I have not uploaded pics from the 90's and 00's to Google, so that should put me over easily a million photos, or more.

Here’s the question, when you travel, or in your day-to-day, do you find yourself snapping away?