Island Fitness Retreats: You Can Dance Anywhere

There's an 80's song with lyrics, "we can dance if we want to...we can go where we want to...." Safety Dance -  by Men Without Hats.

And while you are free to drop it like it's hot anywhere at any given time, there is something about grooving and feeling the rhythmic vibes on different soil. There is a different energy which allows for total abandonment and your dancing is now like a raging inferno which is hard to extinguish. This is what you will experience on an IFR (Island Fitness Retreats ). Anthropologists believe that in order to truly understand your culture you must first immerse yourself in another. This is what we strive to do and specialize in at Island fitness retreats we offer women dance fitness getaways and we design cultural travel experiences of unique authenticity.

Because retreats are held elsewhere, you have an opportunity to connect, feel, see, and learn firsthand. Samba, Soca, Rumba, Salsa, Conga, Reggae and more cultural flavoured dance styles. We love the Latin and West Indian vibes and without giving out too much, it's like a Trinidad & Tobago Carnival, it has to be experienced, trust us.

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