The Caribbean is Not All Sunshine and Blue Skies



What did  you just say missy? Did you just say the Caribbean is not all sunshine and blue skies? Because I beg to differ.

Surely, as you are plotting your tropical escape and you pick up that brochure and or look at that ad beckoning you to its shores, surely there are no gray skies and or torrential downpours of rain shown.  And why not?  Well, I don't know what goes on in the minds of corporate marketers, lol, but surely, if you were to see all those dark skies and pouring rain, you may be less inclined to purchase that vacation.  I mean afterall, the fact that you're getting away is to lay in the sun, enjoy the Caribbean sea, swim, snorkel, fish, bird and man watch, something, anything to show off that summer body you've been diligently working on just waiting for the big reveal in those awesome swimsuits 

But, be advised, that if you're travelling between June - November, a.k.a., the hurricane season, rainy season, you will encounter showers. Now, you can sing in the rain and twirl around barefooted ☔

That's all I wanted to say...have fun out there!!🌩🌫⛈☈