A Rousing 2017


Dear Travel Diary,

What can we say about 2017, other than it has been a year of survival. It has been a year of taking all the awesome good along with the not-so-good and taking it all in stride. But who are we kidding, we broke many times, and many times the push to quit was more than the drive to continue. But, we drove on, and pushed ourselves to continue. 

When one embarks on their own it is never an easy thing especially when one is competing with other companies with the financial backings of a Rockefeller, savvy marketers and content creators....it is not easy being a one woman or two women show. It is not easy in Canada with all the rules and laws for specific industries. It always seems as though the decks are somewhat stacked against the newcomer. The plan is to stay in the game and find other ways of getting it done.


"just keep swimming"


To quote Dory....

But regardless of those challenges, we managed to maintain, change, and ultimately grow in 2017. We forged business alliances with tourism organizations of destinations we love, organized FAMs, donated, experienced much, appeared on radio shows, and changed our focus. All-in-all, 2017 has been good. 

As we look ahead to 2018, the goal is to provide our clients with more specialized and personalized services. She-Travels.com has changed a bit, but not that much. We are still focused on health & wellness for women, but with more added services, first class services. Without letting the cat out of the bag, we do hope that 2018 allows us the opportunity to share more of this great world and the Caribbean with you.

Cheers to you for sticking with us, here's to a colourful 2018!