The First 10 Activities of What NOT To Miss in St. Vincent🏝

St. Vincent, Private Islands, Black and White Sand Beaches, Surfing, Waterfalls, Regattas, Volcanoes, an Eco-Paradise. Saddle up, let's explore!

Throw a dart and get on with it Dora!

Throw a dart and get on with it Dora!

Hey Dora, you're a Vincy explorer!! So get your backpack, and trusty map because there are sooo many activities you can and will enjoy while in SVG. Today I'm going to touch on 10, and another time I'll touch on another 10. Here we go: -

  1. Cycle to the Leeward Coast while you oooo & aahhh at spectacular views.(definitely photo-opps).
  2. Go dolphin watching.  
  3. Explore Wallilabou  (One of the sites for Pirates of the Caribbean movie).
  4. Visit the Kingstown Vegetable Market.(try some local fruits and vegetables). 
  5. Enjoy rolling around in both black and white sand beaches. 
  6. Hike to Trinity Falls. 
  7. Literally plunge into the pol at Rawacou.
  8. Take a sunset cruise. 
  9. Have a lovely picnic at Black Point Tunnel. 
  10. Tour Montreal Gardens.
Got my map....

Got my map....

Have you ever done any of the following 10? We'd love to know...holla!!🛩✈