The All-Inclusive Yay or Nay

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Ahhhh, the appeal of the all-inclusive. Many travellers opt for this. Where everything airfare, transportation, accommodations, unlimited food, drinks, activities, and tips are doing all rolled up into an attractive package.  So, when it is time for the merriment to commence, all you have to do is show up and enjoy all that you have paid for.

But, travelling as we have, and experiencing many various styles of accommodations and vacation options, is the all-inclusive optio all it's made out to be?

Grab a drink and join us as we look at four elements of an all-inclusive resort (; let's begin with...

  • Food & drink - it is a great thing to not have to cook on your vacation. And having unlimited food and drinks can surely be great if you are all for a lavish buffet breakfast, lunch, and dinners. At, we are fans of exploring and becoming one with the locals and culture.  And this cannot be done unless you venture outside of those resort walls. 

PERSONALLY for us OUR CON is that the food isn't always very good. Resorts cater to tourists, and if you're in the Caribbean, that's usually Americans and Europeans. The food is plentiful, but lacks in flavour, a lot! Many visitors tastebuds are not tuned into the tastes of what locals are used to.

  • Accommodations - at a resort providing it is a 4 - 5 star resort, the rooms are going to be magnificent. There is great service, your home away from home.  But, if you are part of a large group, individual rooms, rooms for couples, kids, etc., it can get pretty costly.

We recommend requesting possibly a villa, suite to house everyone in one space. Alternatively, seeking other accommodations short-term rentals, villa, guesthouse, B&B etc. may be the best option.  If you desire luxury and housekeeping services, then an AI resort with its amenities will be the best option for you.

  • Entertainment - at an all-inclusive resort varies by the brand of the resort.  Nightclubs, concerts, private events, sporting activities, health and wellness, sooo many options, all geared towards tourists to highlight those special attributes of the destination, and basically to keep you on the resort.

We recommend stepping outside of the resort. Depending on the destination and safety, if you are able to find trusting locals or other visitors who are very familiar with the destination and can show you what can be, then yes, enjoy and saunter back to the resort tired with excellent stories about the good times you've just had.


Wrapping up, you're taking a vacation for a definite reason; mainly to GET AWAY. However, if extra planning sounds like a total bore to you, and all you want to do is succumb to the lounge chair by the pool, then, by all means, book that all-inclusive.  Go ahead and plant yourself poolside with that drink in your hand while you make goo-goo eyes at the bartender.  But, if YOU are eager to be a Travelling Explorer, sightsee and immerse yourself in a new culture and live those experiences, then say no to the all-inclusive and put your money towards your adventure.  You can absolutely enjoy the pool and or a beautiful quaint seaside restaurant, anywhere.

Copyright 2018

Copyright 2018

Listen, travel is huge ok.  With endless destinations and umpteen experiences to be enjoyed, why would anyone resign themselves to the AI box? Not that it's a bad thing. 

Hey, but before you get to the adventure that will change your life, contact us to curate your awesome experience.  Trust us, we're so good, we don't really need to brag about it, our clients know.