ALT Hotel is just perfection

Posting my TripAdvisor review about the hotel

Upon entering this fab chic hotel, we were greeted by outstanding decor and atmosphere. The architecture is simply, marvellous! This hotel is related to Le Germain, and if I haven't said it before, it's fabulous! 

Free WIFI, the decor is beautiful, the staff is friendly, there are lots of cozy nooks and lounges for you to relax on. 24hrs cafeteria style bar with yummy options. I had a pecan encrusted cod and some type of rice with squash - dynamic!!!

The bed was so comfy, nicely made, everything looked as though it was straight out of a magazine.

Pet lovers, you are welcomed here! There is a $30+taxes charge for your fury friends, as well as upon entry into your room your four-legged friend will have a bag of treats, a comfy pillow, and a double bowl in the bathroom, for food and water.

Prices are good, parking is $15 extra. You are next to the Linx rail to take you to the airport, and the Toronto Pearson parking garage.

If ever you have to stay close to the airport, I say, STAY AT ALT Hotel, it is simply magnifico!!