Arts & Culture: Bajan Artworks

Never have I been an art connoisseur or anything. I don't own expensive art, I rarely attend museum openings etc....but, I do know what I like and upon a recent trip to Barbados, I saw quite a few pieces which I enjoyed.  

Many were found at The Sugar Cane Club, South Beach Hotel, and also, at Oistin's local fish fry, a local artist named Barry Steed, whose creations are all about Bajan culture; people playing cricket, limbo dancing, market vendors, and they are made out of recyclable materials, wire mesh, paint etc., they truly are beautiful.

Do you have an eye for art? Maybe on your trip to the Caribbean you've found some little treasures be it a painting, or sculpture, you simply could not leave. What do you think about art reflecting Caribbean lifestyle and culture?

If you'd like to experience your very own Caribbean Lifestyle & Culture, contact us and we'll be more than happy to speak to you and create something dynamic for you.

Happy Travels & Art Collecting!

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