Culture.Taste.Inspire Agent FAM to Barbados is a GO!

We have been working on this for a while now and we are overjoyed that the opportunity is here! Today myself and Jason Yearwood, representative of the BTMI, Barbados Tourism Marketing Inc., escorted agents to the island of Barbados.  Did your eyes roll and you think about the temperature?  Well, I'll just say, 32 degrees celius....that ought to do it! LOL.


I deplaned into the Bajan sunshine and fresh air...I regret not stopping and taking a few pics, because this is one of the perks of arriving into an airport that still welcomes its visitors into the open air. You feel the heat, you smell the fresh air, it simply makes every cell in the body stand at attention. Taking that beautiful stroll with that one piece of luggage, the wind blowing all around me, I felt magnificent!  I saw our transportation with that beautiful Health & Wellness FAM sign met Jason Yearwood, the Canadian representative for the BTMI, and we sailed on through customs...hooray for FAST TRACK!! I highly recommend it.  Sidenote, all of our retreats to Barbados includes the VIP meet & greet and fast track service.  Imagine, NEVER having to wait in those long lines! 

En route to the hotel we passed many hot spots where locals laid out in the sun on blankets, food trucks, massage on wheels, Chefette, KFC, banks, and many hotels.

Entered The Hilton Resort, oohed and ahhed at that dynamic view and the great pools which adorned the Hilton compound, and got excited about what my room will look like, and I have to say, I adore my room.  It's quaint, bright, with a balcony which overlooked a lovely beach (insert beach name here).

6:30PM, I met the ladies, chatted, took some pictures and then we were off to Harbour Lights for a dinner and a show. And I have to say the dinner was great, the show amazing, vibes, on point, and the rum punch.....woooweee, dynamic!!!  We danced, participated in the show, one of the agents caught the eye of one of the artists on stage, actually come to think of it, the fire eater took a like to her as well, lol. But, it was a superb evening. 

All-in-all, the Hilton is a lovely hotel and a great option for my clients, or as we call them, our SheTravelnistas!  But, the hotel review will come after my site inspection of the hotel and it's fab grounds, which will be DAY 2.....Awaiting Day 2.....stay tuned.