3 To 30 Days in Barbados


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Are you the type of traveller who researches the destination prior to arriving, just so you'd know what you're to expect? Well, hello, nice to meet you, I'm J.  It's a very good practice to educate yourself upon local customs, foods, policies, island life etc.  It's always good to be prepared.

On a recent trip to Barbados I discovered what I've known all along...that Island Life is SWEET! That's  not to say the island does not have its situations, much like anywhere else in this world, but Barbados is special.  There is a warmth here, and that's not just because of its geographical location, but a naturally homey vibe surrounds you, and you can do nothing but take it all in and enjoy it.

It doesn't matter if you're within the touristy area of St. Lawrence Gap, Oistins, Christ Church etc., or out in the countryside where you're surrounded by lush greenery, and residents going about their day-to-day, this island definitely has more than some note-worthy elements. I won't mention or talk about the rum punch just yet...that will be a separate post, because it deserves it.

Here are few basic need-to-know for your visit to the island of flying fish, Mount Gay, and rum punch:

  • Head to the South Coast, South of Bridgetown as it tends to have more affordable options for accommodations, restaurants, and nightlife.

  • Try public transportation, especially if you're on a strict budget. Buses are an inexpensive way to explore the island, especially between Bridgetown and the shops along the west and south coasts.

  • Get thee to the beach! All of the island's beaches are FREE and open to the public. NOTE: BGI does not have any topless or nude beaches. It's against the law to shed it all, lol. *although I've witnessed much FLESH on my last visit, lol*

Monday night

Harbour Lights Barbados

What if you're on the island for less than a week:

Perhaps 3 days - personally, I say kickback pool or beach-side and take a day for sightseeing. Then be upset and sad when it's time for you to leave paradise :) (that feeling never fails, it will push you to visit again)

1 week stay - you'll have SOME time to be inducted into the honorary Bajan club. But again for this length of stay you'd want to enjoy several of the islands fab powdery sand beaches, take at least two day trips and visit attractions and possibly end with a fab day or evening catamaran sail.

2 weeks or longer on the island - well yes, you may or may not have time to develop the Bajan twang or accent, but for sure you can visit every nook and cranny on the island in this time. Rent yourself a car and get thee to exploration and experiencing the diverse and homey culture of Barbados.

Note to you: Be sure to keep a map handy, especially if you're driving and take note of the traffic and times of day you'll be roasting like a fish on a grill.:)

Truly, no matter your length of stay in any destination, make it priority to get out and explore; you'll be glad you did.

Happy Travels!