Laundry Island Style

I despise the entire process of laundry, as an adult, it is an absolute dread for me.  I loathe sorting, washing, drying, folding, packing away, and I dare not think about ironing, that is NOT happening, period! It is a monumental, relentless bore to me and THE task I LOATHE more than my favourite pair of jeans not fitting me anymore. But, since I don't have disposable clothing, I can't not get laundry done . 


nyhoo,  growing up in Trinidad and Tobago there was and still is today product called BLUE . A magical little blue block used in the rinse cycle to bring out the whitest of all whites. 

But be careful with this, because as good as it is, it will ruin your whites if instructions aren't followed. 

 My mom has always told me to wrap the BLUE in a piece of cloth . 

Stir BLUE in the basin of water or add to the rinse cycle, keep the clothing moving. 


Caution: BLUE can turn your clothing well,  blue if clothing is left too long and not rinsed properly, but when used properly your whites  will be electrified!