5 + = Things To Do Downtown Brampton

Never let it be said that one cannot find anything to do in Brampton.  Sure, it's not downtown Toronto, and choices are somewhat 'limited', but there are many great fun experiences to enjoy, of course it all depends on you as a person and what interests you.  There are many biking and walking trails for health enthusiasts, and those who enjoy communing with nature. There are great little restaurants serving various types of cuisine, Thai, Vietnamese, West Indian, African, East Indian, American, Canadian, Desserts, Mexican, etc.  Want a tattoo, sure, sit in one of Art Addictions chairs and get that ink, at 160 Main St.  

Are you a soon-to-be-Bride, there are many bridal stores for you to find that fabulous dress, want to work out, drop in at the YMCA , want to take a dance class, make your way to Central Public School, and take a tap, ballet, hip-hop, or even jazz class, feeling naughty, you and your darling can shop for those special items at Aren't We Naughty.  And I'm positive there are many more options, but some of MY personal  favourite activities to enjoy are as follows:

  1. Take in local art and history at the PAMA Museum . I love this museum.  There is much to see and learn about the history of Brampton, and kids aren't left out as there are activities for the little ones to enjoy.
  2. Ice skating at Gage Park.  You can rent skates as well as helmets and sharpen the skates.  And for 2 hours you can skate around the park umpteen times.
  3. Lunch at The Works/dessert at MacaronZ.
  4. Take in a show at Rose Theatre Hall
  5. Fine dining at Aria


Ok, so there is a #6, and #7, and I know many more, but, shopping at Bramalea City Centre, is a nice little passtime to enjoy, I mean come on, how can one, especially a woman not shop?  And though the BCC is not located downtown Brampton, it is a stone throw away, and not a bad shopping experience at that.  

If you're a resident of Brampton, what other activities have you enjoyed?  We'd love to know :)