Tasty Thursday: The Food of Valle del Cauca, Cali

Dining in Colombia IS a cultural experience, because there is a mixture of native, African, Turkish, Spanish, and other cultures which makes gastronomy one of the greatest exponents of the culture itself.  

Cómeme - Eat Me

Cómeme - Eat Me

Cartagena de Indian, Bolivar, Medellin, Antioquia, Cali, Valle de Cauca, Barranquilla, Atlantico,and Bogota, these are some delightful destinations in Colombia, sure to make your taste buds very happy.

What I love about the cuisine in Colombia is that the country cannot be tied to a single and typical dish, as each region offers its own unique selection of cuisine, ingredients, presentations and of course preparations

Today we are taking a peek into some of the main dishes for the region of Valle del Cauca, Cali.  All I have to say is that, I was not ready for the deliciousness.

Valle del Cauca's cuisine  has a high influence of the Pacific and Afro-Colombian culture.  Here are some of their best known products are sancocho de gallina (chicken stew) cooked in firewood, the manjar blanco (caramel spread), pandebono (cheese bread), desamargado (grapefruit dessert), champus (citrus juice and maize), cholao (flavoured shaved ice), the lulada (lulo juice), the marranitas (fried green plantain stuffed with pork rinds), the aborrajado (ripe plantain fritters) and fruits such as palm fruit, star fruit, and giant granadilla which are known to be part of multiple food preparations.  

The main locations in Cali to find these are: - Ciudad Jardin, El Penon, Granada, and San Antonio. 

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And there's so much more!  Next, we'll be looking at FOOD of ANTIOQUIA!