Reminiscent Christmas With Mom From Her Childhood 🎄

Dear Travel Diary,

Recently my mother and I were reminiscing about Christmas time when she was a child, and her tales were hilarious! In Trinidad, back in those days the preparations for Christmas day and the season in general was intense.

Back in those days it was about the birth of Christ and major home cleaning, cooking, baking, and socialising/limin.

There was no social media with how-to videos, Pinterest etc. But, the energy that went into it all made Army training seem pedestrian.



How Mummy told it: "girl, as a child Christmas time was very exciting. My mother had 10 kids, we lived in a small house and we would clean the house from top to bottom. Ma would make new curtains, we'd paint the entire house, cook and clean for days. The house would be smelling sweet of sweet breads, ham, black cake, sorrel, you know the deal. But the jokey part was on Christmas Eve, every house in the village was dark, why? Because no one wants to be the first to put up their new curtains. We use to be keeping out the window in the dark just watching and waiting, but, it was all done before midnight, because at midnight everything had to be done, and it usually was. We didn't have much, but we had eachother."

I wish I had pictures of my Nana with her kids at that time, because in my head it is a hilarious sight.

For me Christmas is still THE BEST DAY AND TIME OF YEAR, EVER! My memories of Christmas as a child in Trinidad and Tobago are amazing! It was a time of absolute JOY!  I remember family get-togethers, Christmas service at church, lots of food, music/parang, charity donations, socializing, gifts, and just an all around fun time. The house smelled of food, and the feeling was always one of being thankful and lots of happy, happy kids!

Do you have any Christmas tales and traditions you and your family remember and or maintain to this day?  Do you bake and cook special dishes? Do you attend church, do you spend your time volunteering and helping those less fortunate? We'd love to know!

Merry Christmas!

J & T