Ciudad Anurallada (The Walled City).

Cartagena Gringa - Kat.jpg

About two years ago a young lady emailed me. she was a Canadian living and working in cartagena Colombia.

we met, had lots of laughs and i immediately liked her!

she has a passion for cartagena, travel, humanity, volunteering, and life!

the video below is “a short documentary which follows the daily lives of residents in a marginalized neighbourhood of Cartagena, Colombia as they navigate tourist dominated spaces surrounding their homes and confront oppressive practices and police brutality. I hope you enjoy, and looking forward to hear any thoughts/feedback!”

In many ways this vid made me feel very sad when she asked Darwin, “if he likes to go into the city”, and he said, “no. the city is for tourists. They’re more welcomed than we are.:” (GUT-CHECK).

Let’s face it, we pay money to visit magnificent destinations, but do we ever really truly know what it’s like living there amongst the visitors? There are many parts of Cartagena I have never seen nor heard of and we are thankful to Kat for creating this documentary of Cartagena through her eyes and through the lives of her familia.

We hope you nenjoy it as much as we have. do share the vid and leave your comments below!