A 'normal' day at She-Travels.com

The word 'normal' cannot be used to describe anything relating to She-Travels.com.

Firstly, we are not the run-of-the-mill type of travel service. 

Secondly, we do not provide the regular all-inclusive holidays/vacations to Cuba, Mexico, Jamaica, Dominican Republic etc.

We work from our homes and on the road as long as we have data, WiFi, and can make phone calls and send emails we are good.  

Our days vary but mostly consists of maintaining a schedule, and it's not always easy to stick to a sched, mainly because life happens; but for the most part, it is done. Days are spent communicating with suppliers, researching what's new and happening in the destinations we are specializing in, what wellness trends are out there, are there any industry events worth attending, constant marketing, constantly planning email marketing, blog posts, social media accounts, negotiating, and designing our products.  Forming partnerships, seeking out new business affiliates and alliances....all while being in mom-mode and running the household.  

It is a constant go, and we haven't scratched the surface.