A Day With A Local: Colombian Artesana Las Otilias de Rosa Maria

We drove for a few hours out of Bogota. The scenery was epic, lush green rolling hills, well, mountains I must say, and out of the green we came into lots of colour and country life.  As I rubbed the sleep away from my face, the sight was simply spectacular (sorry, didn't snap a pic).

We had the opportunity through More Local, to meet a local artisan named Rosa. Rosa creates some incredible art pieces which are sold at the airports and other local specialty stores. She is an incredible woman. Myself along with 2 other travel agents were privy to spend a day with her and her family. It was an absolutely humbling experience, and one any traveller should experience.  Maybe not with Rosa, but with any local anywhere.

A healthy, nutritious and delicious meal

She opened up her home to us, we ate together.  She showed us how she creates her art pieces. We even had the opportunity to get our hands in there to 'create' as well.  I would absolutely do this again.  Of my time in Colombia, the time spent with Rosa and her family, and all we experienced , was by far icing on the cake!!

Such an experience truly forces you to evaluate yourself.  Have you ever had an opportunity to spend time with a local?  What was that like for you?