Where's the plate

You did it, you broke down and finally booked that great trip you've been dreaming of all this time. No one knows of the sacrifices you made to make the trip happen, but it is done and you are looking forward to enjoying it all, afterall, who knows when this extravagant delight will happen again. (If this is your thought process, you surely won't ever again)

And so you pack & fly. Upon arrival it is better than you expected and why wouldn't it be, you've spent almost a Sultans fortune for this experience and you are going to see, drink, do, and experience it to the fullest! 

First day to sample the resorts food, your eyes have never seen so much food, and you begin your red carpet walk to the food, and you begin to take, and take, and take....there is no room left on the plate. And the worse part is, you don't eat it all, never a good sight, but sadly no one mentioned an all-inclusive etiquette, your Mother has only told you this your entire life....and why would anyone have to tell you to:

  1. DO NOT over load your plate,
pic courtesy a friend of a friend 

pic courtesy a friend of a friend