I admit, I do enjoy writing reviews.  I've been a PRO on  GOGOBOT for the last two years, and I'm in the top 3% of reviewers in Toronto on TripAdvisor.  Whatever those accolades means to you in terms of taking it word for word as to why you should and or should not book based on the reviews made on either or any of these social media platforms, I always say, experience it for yourself and make up your own mind.

There is also another review service just for hotels, for Canadians by Canadians called Monarc

I've often heard that many of the very negative comments made about popular hotel chains/brands, restaurants etc...are paid for by competitors.  That's not to say that regular guests don't experience good or bad, but be mindful.

I have had clients say to me, "oh I read the reviews on TripAdvisor and they aren't great."  This after I told them that I have been to that hotel as of a week ago and none of that is true.  But again, the force of social media is a powerful one.  Sad that not many don't like to use it for all the good that it can be used for.