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Dear Travel Diary,

There's a soca song with lyrics that say, "Trinis know how to party, Trinis know how to fete". And a more accurate statement cannot be argued.  West Indians in general love to lime, socialize and celebrate, just about any occasion. 

At this very moment, January 23, 2018, the island is preparing for the Carnival festivities which will soon transform the entire island of Trinidad into one euphoric party.  Many visitors from far and wide will all jump up to rhythmic beats of soca music, dance in the streets, and will be sleep deprived of an undisclosed amount of time. But, the twin island Republic beckons visitors to its shores for varying reasons, weather, beach, tantalizing cuisine, art, culture, history, and a smorgasbord of monthly, and annual events outside of the Carnival season which is very worthy of your attendance. Here is a list of a few for you to consider:

  1. January - The Carnival & sailing season begins
  2. February - Tobago Carnival regatta
  3. March - Jass Artists on the greens - Trinidad; Goat & Crab races (Tobago); Phagwa (Holi); Turtle nesting season(Trinidad)
  4. April - Tobago jazz experience
  5. May - T&T fashion week
  6. June - Harvest festivals (Tobago)
  7. July - August - Tobago heritage festival; Carnival band launching season into October; Opera festival (Trinidad)
  8. August - Great race (Tobago); Pan on d Avenue (Trinidad); Reggae on the beach (Tobago)
  9. September - Restaurant week; Angostura rum festival

And this is NOT even a scratch on the surface. In conjunction with festivals, there are also many public holidays which in turn leads to more fetes and occasions to lime and socialize. No one can ever say that the Caribbean and its people aren't social darlings!

Let us know in the comments which event will you attend.

Travel Tip: December - March is a great time to visit the islands, however, be advised that airfares and accommodations are at their PEAK during Christmas into the Carnival season. You will be well advised to book your travels at least a year in advance to get the better airfare and hotel deals.

When in doubt all roads leads to the beach

When in doubt all roads leads to the beach