FACT: 365 fruits in one destination


Dear Travel Diary,

We have had an amazing time taking in the incredible Santander region of Colombia and while we enjoyed many, many incredible meals, our go-to snack has always been a tasty fruit, or fruit drink, lou-lou (sp)

Colombia boasts over 365 fruits, all with medicinal priorities, cancer preventing/ fighting, anti-aging, weight loss, vitamin complex agents.


Taking a walk through a local market be advised that your nostrils will dance with the fresh fruit and herb aromas, along with some other fragrances. 


Herbs and plant extract as medicines are more accepted. Ever wonder why there is always some "new" super fruit or plant found in rainforests , jungles, the Amazon with super agents to fight almost every ailment being discovered and marketed heavily in North America? The garnacia fruit which is used as a fat-targeting busting pill...where was it discovered?

Kind of wondered off track for a second there, but the point is, lool to a fresh tasty fruit when you're in a new destination, tickle those tastebuds with more than what you know.