Fitness: What are your fitness goals

First workout of 2018

First workout of 2018

Dear Travel Diary,

Happy New Year and welcome to our first blog post for 2018!

Are you one of the many who has gone ahead and made a RESOLUTION for 2018?  Have you resolved to get and keep fit for 2018 and by the 2nd week of January you've already forgotten about those resolutions?

Are you an active chica, what gets you going? Winter time offers up a plethora of outdoor activities. Winter time is also considered a non-motivating factor when it comes to fitness; but for those who have a plan and a goal it is not a factor! What winter activities do you enjoy? I've just been introduced to skiing(that's a story for another time).


Be Active...

Winter time is prime for great outdoor activities - skiing is great!

My personal fitness goals are:

  • Maintain my BMI, which is based on my height & weight
  • Maintain my overall body and muscle tone
  • Be stronger - be able to do 20 push-ups without failing
  • Make an effort to eat cleaner - peanut covered M&M's are my weakness
  • Walk more - got steps to log! :)

Do let us know if you have any fitness goals for 2018, what, if any specific fitness apps and fitness trackers you use.  I currently am part of the Bodyspace community and Fitbit Canada and strength training.  But, before you go, you know what to do doll, providing you are a doll and if not, then you know what to do Mr.,  simply press play and drop us a comment below and let us know.


Fitness trackers

Join a fitness group, get an app and track!

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Later darlings!!