ThrowbackThursday: His First Carnival

The year was 2015 and one of my sis best guy friends, John, was heading home to TnT with us to experience his very first Carnival. And boy did he ENJOY it ALL!! Scrunter's Bachelor became his anthem song, and he ate,, feted and was super merry!

First of all, he was a complete trooper!  He was one of two guys who stayed in a house FILLED with women, to be more exact, 3 guys(my father included) and about 6 women, LOL.  and two showers!  Lawd, it was pure madness when it was time to get ready to head out, but he took it all in stride!

Here's a shot of John at J'Ouvert as we played with  Yellow Devils.  I have to say for a newbie he was awesome.  I wish ALL Carnival virgins adapt that easy.