Clients Review: Grand Bahia Principe in Jamaica

We recently had two separate clients offer up similar reviews of their stay at the Grand Bahia Principe in Jamaica. 

Client 1.  A mixed adult group attended a wedding and had this to say.  

Yes, the grounds were beautiful, but our interaction with the staff left much to be desired. The food was not what we expected and the attitudes of the staff was tip me now so I’ll know how to treat you. Very disappointing.
— Simmons Family

Client 2. A Jamaican family with kids who arrived at the resort late due to flight delays. 

This was not our first time visiting GBP, each time we have visited we have had problems. It appears that the level of service is based on whether you are a black local, black visitor, white local, white visitor. Even though we arrived late, through no fault of our own or our travel agent, Ms. Johnson, our rooms were still not ready. Our family is a mixed family from the darkest to the lightest shades, and we had awful experiences where our food was removed only because a white woman came in after us placed her order after us and had hers served up first. We had hotel staff blatantly roll their eyes at us when we asked them questions as to how to get to a certain place or ask for extra supplies for the kids. Only when my husband couldn’t take much more decided to let the Jamaican out of him, then we were taken somewhat seriously. When the staff member realized that we are not the ones to be messed with. Managers were involved etc...but, even though nothing got violent, nor words flew, it was still a shame that we as Jamaicans who live abroad, had to go through all of that rather than being respected and treated as human beings.

I absolutely doubt my family will ever spend another dime at the Grand Bahia Principe. It’s not worth the disrespect.
— Richard & Family

I'm positive there are individuals who have had absolutely divine experiences staying at the GBP, sadly, my clients just don't seem to be any of them. :(  

Have you ever visited Jamaica and stayed at the Grand Bahia Principe. how was your experience?