Why visit the Caribbean


Dearest Travel Diary,

In light of all the disasters which has been ravaging the Caribbean, don't lose heart, for what was once lush, green, filled of character and welcoming, will be that way again.  Like with any rebuilding, it will definitely take time, but, still visit the Caribbean. Consider voluntary tourism as a way of giving back to the ravaged destinations. 

Here are some of MY simple reasons as to WHY a visit to the Caribbean is so great.

  1. It's an escape from your everyday
  2. The Caribbean is blessed with a full range of sea conditions year round.
  3. Discover adventure Caribbean style by safari jeep rides through forest trails, hiking, segway and maneuver alongside cliffs, become one with the aquatic wildlife.
  4. Sports are a huge element of any Caribbean destination. (Golf, cricket, polo, horse racing, open water swimming-Barbados, sailing, game fishing, football, rugby-Barbados, motor racing, volleyball, field hockey, cycling, triathlons & distance running), 
  5.  Creative people exude their Caribbean culture through their wonderful music, wood carving, leather goods, basketry, weaving , glass works, jewellery, and pottery. 
  6. History & heritage. Discover each destinations unique and yet similar history, you will be or maybe pleasantly surprised.
  7. Diversity in cultural events carnivals, culinary, cultural, music, horticultural and much more.
  8. Rejuvenate yourself in the Caribbeans salubrious climate. There are many destinations which caters to your luxurious escape by pampering your every need.
  9. Duty free shopping - did you know that shopping in Barbados is exempt from both import duties and VAT, thus making your purchases 25 - 30% less expensive. Have I mentioned FLAGSHIP stores such as Louis Vuitton and Cartier? Well, I just did!
  10. Luxury accommodations, condominiums provide a particularly enjoyable way of life and or your great escape - a most gratifying  and rewarding way to experience an enviable island lifestyle is to live in one.

Those are but a few of my reasons as to why a visit to the Caribbean should be on your list. 

Until the next entry, happy travels!