Getting around locally while on vacation

Motorcycle taxi in Santa Marta, Colombia

Motorcycle taxi in Santa Marta, Colombia

Back in the fabulous days travellers stuck to conventional modes of transportation. In this century you're not much of "traveller" if you forego less conventional modes, such as in Colombia, motorcycle taxis. I just love this, wish I had a pic of myself being zipped around the streets of Santa Marta as a willing yet somewhat pessimistic passenger, but you know what they say, "all is well that ends well." 

How about a maxi taxi in Trinidad, or a tuk-tuk in India, a camel in the desert, or whatever you choose , but you never have to look far, just use those tree trunks attached to your body, you know, they are called legs, feet. Allow them to take take you to extraordinary places, and when you're done, soak them in warm water and prepare for the next adventure.

How do you explore a destination, do you rent a car, moped, bicycle, or just use your feet?

Happy Travels!!